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Math is my passion, and I've been teaching it for over 15 years.


0_0_0.08_0.08_229_306_csupload_59264563Hello and Welcome to my website!

My name is Olga and I am a Certified Math Teacher for High school, Middle School and College Math.

Math is my passion and I’ve been teaching it for over 15 years. Over the course of being a classroom teacher, I have helped over 1000 students to achieve success in Math and overcome test anxiety.

So, whatever your needs are, I am here to help YOU and whatever problem you are facing, I am confident that we’ll find a solution.

I have worked at different schools, including top performing schools such as Bellaire HS and DeBakey HS.

So, over the years of working with students with DIVERSE backgrounds I’ve developed SOLID GOLD TOOLS, that now can help YOU bring your learning to the next level, so you can have stress free learning experience.

Feel free to look around our website for more info and If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or set up a session, so you take a first step toward success this school year!

About Us

My ultimate mission is to help you build confidence in Math by developing critical thinking skills so you can get the highest scores on Math tests and catch up, keep up and stay ahead. My goal is, for you not to be dependent on me (or any other tutor), but rather help you develop highly effective learning style in Math that you can use on your own.

My recent job assignment was at the legendary DeBakey High School, school, specializing in MATH and Science, the HIGHEST PERFORMING school in the city of Houston and one of the TOP 100 BEST SCHOOLS in the US (two years on the row).


I am offering tutoring in the following areas:

  •  Middle School Math
  •  Pre Algebra
  •  Algebra
  •  SAT, ACT, ISEE and ASVAB prep
  •  Geometry
  •  Algebra2
  •  Trigonometry
  •  PreCalculus
  •  Most of College Math Courses


I have masters in Math and Education from Astrakhan State University, Russia. And I was a classroom teacher for over 15 years. As of this year, I am a private tutor to help YOU become proficient and successful in the classroom.

I am passionate to share my own secret formula for LASTING SUCCESS in MATH (that I’ve used to help hundreds of students), so that not only you can get the deeper understanding of the subject and highest scores, but also get in the college of your dreams!

Services and Fees

Math Mentoring Program, Fall 2015

~ Semester of one -on -one weekly tutoring (total of 15 sessions)


  • One time payment of – $1050
  • Or 4 monthly payments of $275

Type of payment

Cancellation policy:

You are more than welcome to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours prior to the session. Full charge will be assessed for no show or last minute cancellations. Thanks!

Set up a Session

My hours are rather flexible and I am happy to work around your schedule, if possible. (Please adhere to the 24 hour cancellation policy)

To set up a session please email me at

or you can schedule it over the phone : (713) 553-1560.


“I highly recommend Mrs. Olga Bochareva as a math tutor.  Over the past two years she has tutored my daughter in high school geometry and Algebra II. Mrs. Bochareva is a highly skilled teacher and equally good at motivating students to work hard and do their best.  She provided instruction that was specific to my daughter’s needs and helped her not only achieve success in math but also feel a strong sense of accomplishment and self worth”

~Mary K. Easton



“Best tutor ever!!!”
I am so happy I got to work with Olga. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. One thing that helped me a lot is that not only she taught me Math in an easy, understandable manner, but she also helped me develop a mindset for success. She is also really great when it comes to helping with tests anxiety, I’ve learned some super easy tricks from her that help me stay calm and focused during my test. I highly recommend her to anyone who need help in Math and wants to get the highest scores on Math tests. ”
~ Katy, Pearland, TX



“I loved having Mrs. Olga as my tutor, she is kind and patient. She also truly cared about making sure I understood everything, teaching me math in a way that I could understand. She taught me great testing skills, I was always prepared for tests after a session with her, and my grades improved! ”

~Maria Easton, grade 11



“Amazing tutor, I don’t think I could have made it without her help”
I needed to take this very important placement test, and If I didn’t pass it I was going to get kicked out of college!!! Olga helped me with all my algebra material, she was very patient with me and knew how to get me motivated to do pass the test. She was also great in helping me with my test anxiety witch was really important for me. She gave me the tools to finally be successful and pass my test.

Alan T., Houston Tx


“Great tutor- have referred 2 students”
– Sheshieda D. Pearland, TX on 1/16/14
We knew are our daughter would need help with Geometry in 10th grade, she has always struggled with math. We made arrangements for weekly tutoring at the beginning of school. With Mrs. Olga’s tutoring, my daughter has gone from making some of the lowest grades in class to making the highest grades. She made 90 on her report card and has made A’s on her last two tests. Mrs. Olga is so patient and very good at knowing when my daughter is frustrated or not grasping a concept. One additional hour per week of high quality instruction is making the difference. We are aiming for top 10% and Mrs. Olga is helping us get there. I have recommended her to two other parents. Thanks, Olga!!!



“Best Tutor!”
– Johanna G. Houston, TX on 1/26/14
Thank you Ms. Olga for all your help. Because of your precise help and patience my grades went from 70’s or below to 90’s or above. I even made it to the “A Club” in my pre-ap geometry class. Sooo excited! Thank you so much again, you are the best!



“Great tutor, with many helpful techniques!”
– Andrea W. Pearland, TX on 7/27/14
When I first met Olga I had a 72 in my precal class. After I met with Olga a few months in the final semester my grade made it all the way to an 86. But Olga didn’t just help me with Precal, she helped me with SAT prep at the same time. On top of all of that she conquered the real problem. The problem was text anxiety. How did we fix this problem? EFT. Olga is a certified EFT practitioner. Before the EFT I would panic in the middle of my tests completely blanking until eventually I ran out of time for my test. But with Olga’s help everything turned out great, I wish I had contacted her sooner.



‘Mrs. Olga is an Awesome Tutor ”
My son, TG was recommended by a relative to try her. Well, at that time TG had already failed the 1st 9 wks of geometry with a 67. To make a long story short , my son passed geometry with a “B” and the teacher as well as the Counselor was so amazed how his mind , willingness and understanding had changed that they decided to allow him to retake the final from the 1st 9 wks .. I’m am so proud of him !!!! and grateful to Mrs.Olga !!!
Update 5 month later: TG took his final Exam and got 90!!Thanks for all you do!!! We love you Mrs. Olga.”
– Carlisa Grisson, Pearland, Tx


Contact Us

You can also send me an email to or call on my cell (713)553-1560. I usually respond within just a few hours or less.

Math Mentoring Program, Fall 2015

By Olga D Bochareva, MEd, Certified Math Tutor

“Turn your dream Math grades into reality.
Build up your confidence to perform well on tests.
Improve your problem solving skills.”


Are you ready for your BEST Math School year ever?

What would it be like if you could…

  • End the frustration of making careless mistakes on tests and become laser focused {so answering questions and solving problems with precision is natural for you}.
  • Work through your Math homework quickly and with understanding + get some sleep at night {Yes, I mean more than 6 hours a night }.
  • Feel confident and at ease taking both classroom and standardized tests {+ getting scores that you want and deserve}.
  • Avoid the stress at the beginning of the school year, having peace of mind that you have a strong support system for your Math Course.


unnamedHi! I am Olga Bochareva, a Certified Math teacher. I’ve been teaching and tutoring for over 15 years. I had an honor of working in the top performing schools in the nation, including DeBakey HS for Health Professionals.

And I’d love to help you create amazing experience learning Math AND get the grades you want and deserve.

 80% of Success is Psychology.

Success is an Internal Game.

In addition to Math Tutoring my students learn the best tools and strategies I used to teach while being a classroom teacher to help my students boost productivity, get laser focused, so they can get better results in school and get accepted to the Universities of their choice.


Right now you might be asking:

Why do we have to learn new ways of learning?

Can’t we just use the old fashion way approach (“the study more”)?

 The truth is: We live in a different era, the era of super advanced technologies, but also an era of the information overload. We simply can not use a horse and carriage in the times of jets.

Just to give an example of what I mean by that let me quote Larry Page, the founder of Google

Imagine all the info that has been ever created loaded to the Internet from the dawn of humanity till year 2010 . Today this entire amount of data is being reproduced every 48 hours (!!!!)”

No wonder our students have symptoms like: informational overload, learning stress and test anxiety. There is just too much to learn.

In our schools we learn Biology, Math, History, etc. But what we really need to teach is:

  • How to stay focused
  • How to deal with learning stress so it does not drain your creative energy
  • How to create learning environment that supports you vs. the one that pulls you in many different directions
  • How to be tapped in into the power of our subconscious mind to accelerate learning.

I believe you don’t need more practice, longer homework assignment or even more time to study. What you really need is a set of effective high performance tools to help you develop long term success learning habits.

For as long as I remember, I wanted to be a teacher. I always had huge passion teaching and education. Even at high school, I knew that there was more to learning than just studying, so I started implementing new strategies when I was back in school.


This is one of the reasons I graduated in the top 5% in both High School and College!


And I would love to help your child to do the same. Unfortunately, in our Educational System, there is no built-in solution for learning related stress yet. We learn names of all U.S presidents, names of rivers in Europe and the Pythagorean Theorem, but we have no idea how our own mind operates, so we can create a state of mind that accelerate learning.

That’s why I created “Yes to Success in Math” Mentoring Program


 What is “Yes to Success Math Mentoring Program?”

This is a one of a kind, semester long 1×1 tutoring program designed to help your child develop a strong Math foundation, maintain high grades and develop exceptional problem solving skills.

I don’t know of anyone on the market offering this type of Math tutoring service.

My formula is:

Strong Math Foundation + Success Strategies = Top Performance


The purpose of the Program is: To help students strengthen their Math Skills + help them master Success Habits that they can use for life.


Who this program is for: Most of my students are ready to go from good to great. With that said, this program will benefit both students who still struggle with Math as well as the ones who are on the high achieving end and ready to perform within top 5-10%. I tailor my services based one my student’s individual needs, requests and learning goals.

 What to expect:

  • 4 months of weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions with me (total of 15 sessions), starting monday, August the 31st 
  • High quality ultra-individualized one-on-one instructions.
  • Personalized flexible schedule (If you can’t make a session I offer up to 3 FREE make up lessons, usually help on Saturday afternoon between 12 – 3 pm)

How does it work?
Once you sign up for the program {submit the payment + application}. I will send you a link to my fall calendar, so you can get first dibs on choosing the times that works for you.

What is included?

  • 15 private 1 on 1 Math tutoring sessions ($1050 value)
  • “Yes to Success in Math workbook” with 8 powerful lessons and my favorite strategies to supercharge your learning ($50 value)
  • Up to 3 Free make ups ($180 value)
  • Email and text support between sessions ($120 value)
  • Additional SAT practice infusion (for Algebra 1 + students only) (priceless)



One time payment of – $1050

Or 4 monthly payments of $275

I am accepting a maximum of only 15 brilliant students to work with me for this semester.

 If you think that the program is the right fit for you, you can register here now. 


Say No to test anxiety and Yes to learning Math with ease and having fun in the process! Get your Math skills up to the higher level in just 4 months

Join me by signing up to the “Math Mentoring Program” here.


Notes from happy students and parents:

Mrs. Olga is an Awesome Tutor! My son, TG was recommended by a relative to try her. Well, at that time TG had already failed the 1st 9 weeks of geometry with a 67. To cut a long story short , my son passed geometry with a “B”and the teacher as well as the Counselor were so amazed at how his mind , willingness and understanding had changed that they decided to allow him to retake the final from the 1st 9 weeks .I’m am so proud of him !!!! And grateful to Mrs.Olga!!!
Update 5 month later: TG took his final Exam and got 90!! Thanks for all you do!!! We love you Mrs. Olga.”
– Carlisa Grisson, Pearland, Tx


We knew our daughter would need help with Geometry in 10th grade; she has always struggled with math. With Mrs. Olga’s tutoring, my daughter has gone from achieving some of the lowest grades in class to achieving the highest grades. She made 90 on her report card and has made A’s on her last two tests. Mrs. Olga is so patient and very good at knowing when my daughter is frustrated or not grasping a concept. One additional hour per week of high quality instruction is making a world of difference. I have recommended her to two other parents”.
– Sheisheda, Pearland Tx


“Thank you Ms. Olga for all your help. Because of your precise help and patience, my grades went from 70′s or below to 90′s or above. I even made it to the “A Club” in my pre-ap geometry class. Sooo excited! Thank you so much again, you are the best!”
-Johanna G. Houston, Tx


“My son absolutely loves going to his Math sessions. He began Math tutorials with a negative and discouraged attitude. His grades, as well as his attitude and impression regarding math, have done a 180 – he is positive and motivated when it comes to mathematics. He is so eager to learn! Olga is so creative and makes learning math fun! The time spent is thoroughly enjoyed – so much so that my son wants to do tutorials in the summer and year round”!
-Tanisha D. Houston, Tx

 Join me for Fall 2015 here

Have a question? 

 Check out FAQ about the program here 


Math Mentoring Program FAQ’s, 2015

1. “I am interested in working with you, but I have two kids. What options do you have for me?”

What a great Q! We can work together is a couple of ways:

1. Your kids can split a spot and take turns seeing me every other week.

2. If you would like for each of them to see me weekly, I offer 5% discount (I’ll send you 100$ off the registration back via paypal)


2. “I noticed that you have two options for payments: $900/semester  and $250/month. How exactly does that works?”

Thanks for asking! If you register before Thursday, August the 13th you have an advantage of an early bird special pricing. (Around $60/ session if paid in full vs $70/session – my regular price as of last year). The $900 is a one-time payment and is applied at the time of registration.  You have an option to spread out 4 payments  of $250 over the course of 4 months: first at the time of registration + 3 more payments  starting monthly on the 1st of October. The payments will be automatically charged to your credit card on the first of the month.


3. I am not sure if I am interested in weekly sessions at the moment, but rather single sessions as I need them. What other options do you have for me?

Another great question. If you been with me for a while (I have peeps who have worked with me for over 2 years), in the past I use to charge per session. There are two reasons I am shifting from that model:

  1. I noticed that most of my clients prefer an ongoing support anyways, so this model will simply things like payments, scheduling and so on.
  1. As a solopreneur I noticed this model create more ease for me as well, as it gives me clarity on my availability, how much marketing I need to do to and how many students I can take per semester.

With that said, I may have a couple of openings for single time consultations ($80/session)  or short term tutoring opportunities (pack of 5 sessions for $350). Now, again, it does depend on my availibility. As I mentioned, 15 people is all I am accepting for fall cemester. So, in other words If I dont get them all filled up with Math Mentoring participants, I’ll have space for single sessions. I hope that make sence. I will have more information on that in the beginning of September.

4. “What if I have to miss a session? How does make up session work?”

You have 3 FREE make ups per semester. In other words if you need to skip our regular time session, simply send me an email, jump on my online calendar and reschedule your session. Most of the make ups will be held on Saturday between 1 – 4 pm. But I’ll do my best to accommodate your make up if I have other openings during the week.

5. What is your tutoring schedule for the next cemester?

Preliminary I’ll be tutoring:  Mon 4-7, Tue 4-7, Wed 4-9, Thur 5-7 and Sut 9-12 ( and 1-4 for make ups). I’m currently working on setting up my online calendar, so once you get registered I’ll forward the lnk your way, so you can get the priority seating on it.

I know that things may change, so no worries, I only take a handfull of students with semester, so that I can accomodate and adjust to your schedule. So, if you need to switch your regular time, I’ll do my best to help you out.

Have another question  for me, just send me a note to

Thank you :)